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Lining Joy Ministries Seminars and Workshops



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Living Joy Ministries, Inc. offers workshops on the following topics below. Each of these workshops is offered for a minimum of three (3) hours.  Extensive presentations can also be provided on each presented topic.


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Living Joy Ministries New Workshop

"Let A Man Examine Himself"

A Self Evaluation of Your Spiritual IQ

Are you discerning your powerful place in the body of Christ? Are you exercising all the rights and privileges that Jesus died for in your life?  Are you a successful believer by God’s standards?  Are you totally free?  Have you entered into the “Rest” Jesus prepared for you?  Have you experienced the “Death of the Soul”?  Have you reached the threshold of “Union” with God?  Everyone who desires to unite with God for Eternity will one day deal with all these questions and more. Come and enjoy this pursuit of the deeper Christian life. This workshop will bring you closer to the life of freedom and joy planned for you by God from before the foundation of the world.

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  • "Behind The Wall"
    (Living The Deeper Christian Life)

If you have ever desired a deeper walk with the Lord of your life, this meeting is for you.  Many years ago God gave me a vision of the deeper Christian life.  As time went on, I began reading the writings of the saints of the 1600’s and earlier.  I discovered a wealth of experience and a depth of walking with God that seems non-existent in this hour.  I believe God has called us to a relationship with Him that is unprecedented in these last days.  If you have a “seeking heart” to discover the depth and revelation of your place of relationship, living and ministry in these last days, come with an open heart!  Living Joy Ministries, Inc. equips the saints of this hour for Eternity!


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  • "Possessing Your Inheritance"
    (Understanding Body, Soul, and Spirit)

This workshop offers a complete biblical training in how man exists (spirit, soul, and body).  Biblical truths become clear as to what happens to us in each of these realms when we accept Christ as Savior.  Freedom comes as understanding and clarity is revealed about the existence of man.  Scriptural truths define our inheritance and entitlements as believers and how to live and walk in this blessed existence.


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  • "The Noise in the Market"
    (Spiritual Warfare - Equipping Believers for Battle and Successful Living!)

This workshop offers a complete biblical understanding of spiritual warfare.  It presents with clarity the sixteen major demonic spirits and how they manifest to affect human behavior.   It clearly outlines strategies given in God’s word to overcome all attacks on the life Jesus Christ offers to believers


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  • "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit"
    (The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer)

This workshop offers the complete biblical scope and documentation for receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It also unveils the proper usage of this gift for personal devotion.  Scriptural truths reveal the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.


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  • “The Holy Spirit and His Gifts”

This workshop provides biblical teaching on the nine gifts of the Spirit, their operations historically in the bible, and in the life of the believer today.  Each gift is defined with biblical examples of operation to encourage believers to yield to the move of the Holy Spirit in ministry to others.


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  • "Losing Yourself in God"
    (Deeper Christian Life Principles)

This workshop sets forth seven (7) places that each seeking believer will encounter.  The understanding presented helps to clarify what takes place as you seek a deeper walk with God.  This workshop tells you how to enter into the “rest” that God has prepared for you.  It also reveals the “purpose” He has for your life. Intimacy with God dominates these powerful teachings.


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  • "The Joy of the Song"
    (Releasing God's Anointing in The Believer)

What has God given you?  What is your talent? How and when will it be released?  What is the song that your life in Christ must sing?  This workshop teaches you how to find and release the anointing in your life for service, ministry, and prosperity.


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  • "Knowing God"
    (Foundations for a Walk Of Intimacy With God)

This workshop leads you straight to intimacy with the Father.  It begins with His character, His existence, His love, His sacrifice and ends with the believer having a hunger to know Him in the greatest dimension possible.


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  • “Spiritual Authority”

This workshop teaches believers what authority they have been given by the Lord Jesus Christ and how to live and walk in that authority.  It encompasses all that we have been given by Christ when He returned to the Father and how we should use this delegated authority to reign in Christ Jesus here on earth.  This provides foundational truth to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.


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  • “Fit For Eternity”

This workshop reveals how each of us is instantly prepared to start our eternity when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  It unveils the here and now and reveals how believers are currently living in their eternity right here on earth. This truth helps in understanding the act of faith, trust, love, peace, and the eternal reign with Christ Jesus that has already begun here on earth.


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  • “Raising Godly Children”

This workshop designed for parents and children reveal godly principles for child rearing and interaction between parents and children.  It is fun and entertaining and biblically sound in training children to be productive citizens of the world and sons and daughters of God.


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  • “Can Two Walk Together?”

This workshop offers the principles of success in relationships with others regardless of who they are.  God clearly defines in His word how relationship success happens and when we follow that word, we are assured that things will always work together for good. God’s way of releasing understanding of fellowship is based upon His knowledge of man, how He designed us, what our needs are, and who should fulfill them.  The truths revealed (if practiced) will provide a lifetime of strong relationships with other people.


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  • “Interior Design”

This workshop reveals how to get and remain focused in a distracted world.  The principles unveiled will give a blueprint from God’s word on His ability in us to bring forth successful living. We can walk through varied exterior circumstances and still allow the life of Christ to manifest through us.  It’s what’s inside!


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We offer one-day motivational seminars for a variety of audiences.


  • "Success in the Workplace"

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  • "Effective Leadership Principles"

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Motivational Speaking

We offer program speaking for ministry and motivational purposes. Conferences and retreats are also sponsored by the ministry.

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