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Hello Dr. Johnson, thank you for meeting with me to discuss the "Power Angels" book.

Thank you. It is my pleasure and thank you for coming.

Please tell me about your background?

I am a preacher's kid. I have written since I was a teenager. My work has been published and used at retreats for the last twenty-seven years.

My career path has been seven years as an elementary school teacher, nine years as a program consultant for special programs, and fourteen years as an elementary school principal. I have conducted numerous seminars and workshops and has recorded inspirational and self-help programs to assist all in need of such programs. I am also active in my community and offer counseling to those in need. Currently, I am the president of Living Joy Ministries, Inc. which is located in Orlando, Florida.

I am married with two grandchildren. I am currently committed to sending the message of the gospel of hope in Jesus Christ around the world.

Is this your first children's book?

Yes. I have written six other books including inspirational writings, a spiritual warfare manual, principles of body, soul and spirit, and the deeper meaning of Christain life. In spite of working with children for over thirty years, I never had plans to write a book for children.

So what made you decide to write children's books?

I saw that there was not much written on some very important but delicate subject areas and decided to write these books to fill the void. The "Power Angels on Assignment" series came out of this desire to bring my perspective to this subject area and address these important issues from a spiritual and educational viewpoint.

What is the relevance of this book in today's world?

This book gives a message of hope based upon scripture. It addresses what happens when we pray, what takes place when we die, and how God allow His angelic beings to interface with man for good on earth.

How did the artist come up with the image of God?

The image of God came after much discussion of what to convey to children. Obviously, an oversized figure would in some small way address His omnipotence and yet the open hands portray help available for His creation. The artist originally has a face on God and we eliminated that to preserve the sanctity of His presence without human facial features.

How old is the main character Cinnamon?

Depending on the illustration, we designed her age to visibly range from 6 - 12 years old.

Who is the intended audience?

Children, parents, teachers, mental health professionals, social services workers, ministers, funeral home directors, the body of Christ, and the world at large.

Well, this sounds very exciting and I would personally like to congratulate you on this superb accomplishment.

Thank you and it is my pleasure.

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