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Remarks by Dr. Marsha Deveaux Johnson

There are no words to describe a gathering of Believers whose sole purpose was to refresh, revive, and refocus.  Such a gathering occurred and was sponsored by Living Joy Ministries on the weekend of September 18 & 19, 2009. 


The focus of the teachings centered on receiving and interpreting revelation knowledge from God.  The knowledge revealed the reality of facing off with our worst possible fears orchestrated by Satan and finding them and him to be firmly under our feet.  The person of knowledge and faith who is surrendered to God is never at risk.  Revelation! Revelation! Revelation!

The crowning glory of God in ministry was a floodgate of healings, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  A team of ministers under the precious anointing of God ministered to the body of Christ.
“Behind The Wall” testimonies from speakers provided practical examples of the deliverance God can bring from impending danger to release from years of alcoholism.  His awesome power was evident as these testimonies went forth.
Participants received a copy of Marsha Deveaux Johnson’s newest book, “Behind The Wall”.
You can view some some scenes from this gathering by clicking on the pictures above and one testimony of deliverance is shown below. 

Irma’s Testimony

The “Behind the Wall” conference was more than I had hoped for.  I came with expectations and well prepared petitions in my heart, to place before God.  I was so blessed as one of the speakers gave her testimony.  I received a release from a spirit of “giant bondage” that I had held on to for over 50 years.  This bondage had become a comfortable part of me.
I had not thought to place it before the Lord.
Only our God, would go into the deep recesses and the secret places of the heart and free you of any corrosion that the enemy had pocketed away.
I declare to you, “Giants of bondage, they do fall”.
Thanks be unto God!  Thank you Living Joy Ministries, Rev. David and Dr. Marsha Johnson for letting God use you.
Thanks Again,
Rev. Irma Buckner, Atlanta, GA